Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India

The Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India, is the oldest of the three Dioceses of the CNI, in Odisha. The membership comprises of 80% of Dalits, Tribals and Backward caste people. In the rural churches, there are marginal farmers and landless laborers, who are an exploited lot due to there ignorance and poverty. The Diocese was worst hit by the Super Cyclone of October, 1999. The Diocese runs Educational Institutions such as Schools, Hostels and one College in the urban centres of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, and Homes in the rural areas. Most of these were started by the Oldest Baptist Missionary Society of England and continue to provide vital educational services. However, they are limited mostly to the urban elite.

The story of the rural Churches is however, very different. Village Christians have remained poor for generations since conversion. They have suffered neglect, discrimination and deprivation, both by the Government and Church.

Statistical Information

No. of Pastorates : 38
No. of Congregations : 135
No. of Communicant members : 12,214
Graduate Level Science College : 1
English Medium High Schools (ICSE) : 5
Teacher’s Training Institute (Govt. Aided) : 1 (centenary Celebrated in 2002)
Oriya Medium Girl’s High School (Govt. Aided) : 1
Oriya Medium Primary School (Govt. Aided) : 1
Hospital & Nursing School : 1 (centenary Celebrated in 2000)
Girls’ Hostel : 1
The Diocese has under it’s wings, 4 Pastorate Unions and a number of institutions.

The Pastorates are namely :

  1. Gajapati Pastorate Union
  2. Ganjam Pastorate Union
  3. Puri Pastorate Union
  4. Cuttack Pastorate Union

Each Pastorate Union has 2 to 10 Pastorates under it. Ganjam, Puri and Cuttack are in the coastal belt, while the rest consist of Tribal areas. The coastal Pastorates have a mix of urban and backward rural areas, while the other Pastorates are absolutely mountainous terrain, inhabited by Tribal.

Remuneration / Fund Received (Quarterly Report)

Sl. No. Quarterly Report for the Year 2016 – 17 & 2017-18 Download File
01  pdf Download Qtrly. Report PDF File for the month of (April to June) April to June 2016-17 
02  pdf Download Qtrly. Report PDF File for the month of (July to September) July to September 2016-17
03  pdf Download Qtrly. Report PDF File for the month of (October to December) October to December 2016-17
04  pdf Download Qtrly. Report PDF File for the month of (January to March) January to March 2016-17
05 pdf Download Qtrly. Report PDF File for the month of (April to June) April to June 2017-18