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Child Right Protection Policy

Approved Designated On-site Child Protection Task Force – CPTF

Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India

A Child Protection Task Force is hereby designated by the Diocese of Cuttack, CNI in all of the following programme locations:

  1. Hostels / Children’s Homes / Schools / Sunday Schools / Day Care Centers
  2. Term of CPTF: Two years


  1. Secretary of the Managing Committee
  2. An Associate Child Protection Officer (ACPO) preferably a woman, (preference will be given to Teachers & Sunday school teachers) shall be nominated by the General body of the nearest Diocesan Church/Pastorate on priority.

Role of Child Protection Task Force (CPTF):

  1. To receive complaints from any sources, including opening complaint box every 2 weeks.
  2. To register the complaints in approved format.
  3. To carry out validation of complaint as per approved format.
  4. To exercise discretion while validating complaints, considering that new – Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk violations may be detected from time to time, which have to be updated in Annexure ‘B’ – Severity Scale of Child Protection Violations of Child Protection Policy, the status of which is always to be deemed dynamic.
  5. After validating a High Risk complaint, to immediately inform (1) CEO, and (2) the Ombudsman by phone and in writing.
  6. To take prompt, appropriate and corrective remedial action for violations reported in the Risk and Medium Risk categories as per Annexure ‘B’ – Severity Scale of Child Protection Violations of Child Protection Policy.
  7. The CPTFs shall be accountable in the best interests of fair play and justice to ensure impartiality and neutrality during validation and investigation of complaints.