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Homes & Hostels and Project for Children

Cuttack diocese has three children’s home and one boys home. These institutions are established to nurture and educate poor orphans . It has been increasingly felt that there is a need for trade and skill training for children. At khanditar and Raikarjharan there are two day care projects. In all these Children concerned centres special attention is given towards protection and child friendly activities.

Among different institution under Diocese of Cuttack, Ladruma Boys Home has its own identity. In the year of 1982 Boys Home, Ladruma officially came into being with the assistance and support of K.N.H. Holland, Initially the home started functioning with 12 children. By the grace of God during its journey of last 28 years the home has been showered with many blessings. The diocesan authorities as well as the people and the locality are proud of having a home. Which caters to the needs of the down trodden and the oppressed children. During the course of its journey the number of children has been increased 12 to 60. At present there are 43 inmates are staying in the hostel. For the effective administration and to discharge the responsibilities an warden, cook and a tuitor has been appointed.

The main objective to run this home is to develop good Christian life, education and subsequently to bring glory to the pastorate. We create fear of the Lord in each and every soul. And also we teach the importance of devotion and prayer in our life. It also includes the spiritual development activities like group prayer, quiz and viewing religious film on the life of biblical personalities. Every year we organize VBS programmes to enhance the spiritual knowledge of children.

Education – In the field of education this year Sanu Majhi has appeared B.D. final year in Serampore College. And last year Sunamo DalBehera has completed graduation in Arts and is now doing LLB course at Cuttack and also privately MSW. In order to enhance quality education among children a science teacher has been appointed.

College Students 12 nos
Class Xth 03 nos
Class IXth 04 nos
Class VIIIth 09 nos
Class VIIth 03 nos
Class VIth 04 nos
Class IVth 03 nos
Class I to III 05 nos

Technical Training: The home also feels proud that 13 children of our home have completed their technical training course like off set, screen printing, driving training etc. All most all have already been employed in their respective trade.

Health: We are happy to let you know that some of our inmates and staff of this home are voluntarily participated to donate blood to the blood bank, govt of Orissa. And also as and when necessary Christian Hospital, Berhampur providing us medicine. So we extend our thanks and gratitude to the staff of Genena Hospital.

Food: We give attention in providing balance diet to each and every inmates of this home.

Gardening: Every day evening the students spend time in doing gardening, especially they take care of the flower and kitchen garden.

Celebration:-This home had got an opportunity to celebrate silver jubilee. It was a nice movement among diocesan level. In spite of this we do celebrate national days like Independence Day, Republic day and festival like Christmas, Easter, Good Friday etc. On national days children take participate in dance, sports and competition like debate, song etc.

Excursion: Children are also got opportunity to see the J.K.Paper mill at Rayagada and Jayashree Chemical Industries and Potagod (an historical place) at Ganja on study tour.

Sad period:-In 2008 during Kondhamal riots we have also empowered the fear of terror due to communal violence in the western Orissa. In those days we our home children and staff took shelter in other places during the five nights. We are very much thankful to the people of other community who shown their concern towards us by not joining hands with outsider’s communal parties but people’s supports and prayer were with us. So nothing dreaded happened and we are very much thankful to God.

New Development

Documentation system:-Now a day’s computer is one of the basic needs to each and every institution. So it is very proud to say that for better documentation Boys home has its own computer system having internet facilities (E-mail ID: bhlmohana111@yahoo.com). And during leisure time college student of this hostel are getting knowledge out of this.

Registration: This home has applied for govt. registration at govt. level

Tapping Govt. Programme: It’s very happy to say that for the first time the BHL is able to tapped govt. resources like C.C road in the hostel campus.

Future Planning: The hostel committee has decided to construct boundary wall of its surrounding in near future.

Thanks Giving: On behalf of this BHL earnestly we request all the members present here to uphold this home and the children. We extent our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our Bishop, Secy, members of the managing committee and sponsor parents for their support. Your blessings and financial assistance has helped this home to reach at this level.