A Pastorate is an organized congregation, or a group of congregation, recognized as a Pastorate by the Diocesan Council, under the pastoral care of the Presbyter-in-Charge.

The following Pastorate Unions/ Pastorates/ Churches (Congregations) are under the Diocese of Cuttack, Church of North India.

Cuttack Pastorate Union

  1. EBC, CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  2. Epiphany Church , CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  3. Khanditar Baptist Church , CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  4. Baripada Union Church , CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  5. Boudh Baptist Church , CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  6. CNI Fellowship , Sukinda

Puri Pastorate Union

  1. Puri Baptist Church , CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  2. CNI Chapel, Bhubaneswar (Independent Pastorate)
  3. Anandpur CNI Church, Banamalipur, Khurdha
  4. Bahilipara Baptist Church, CNI
  5. Ashrayapur Baptist Church, CNI
  6. Minchinpatna Baptist Church, CNI

Ganjam Pastorate Union

  1. St. Stephen Church Berhampur (Independent Pastorate)
  2. Oriya Baptist Church, CNI, Berhampur (Independent Pastorate)
  3. Oriya Baptist Church, CNI, Bhanjanagar (Independent Pastorate)
    1. Jampalli CNI Church
    2. Jillundi CNI Church
  4. Union Baptist Church, CNI, Chatrapur (Independent Pastorate)
  5. Oriya Baptist Church, Padripalli, CNI (Independent Pastorate)
  6. St. John’s Church, Gopalpur-on-Sea (Independent Pastorate)
  7. Narayanpur Baptist Church, CNI (Independent Pastorate)

Gajapati Pastorate Union

(1) Dengaambo Pastorate

    1. Dengambo CNI Church
    2. Tunguru CNI Church
    3. Baunsakata CNI Church
    4. Mundama CNI Church
    5. Kaniki Padar CNI Church
    6. Bahadapada CNI Church
    7. Santara Sahi CNI Church
    8. Kuturaganda CNI Church
    9. Ramachandrapur CNI Church
    10. Kalapanka CNI Church
    11. Nuasahi CNI Church
    12. Nadisahi CNI Church
    13. Karanjasahi CNI Church
    14. Anjaraba CNI Church
    15. Balisahi CNI Church

(2) Bhaliaguda Pastorate (Independent Pastorate)

(3) Shaktigada Pastorate (Independent Pastorate)

(4) Merama Pastorate

  1. Palakua CNI Church
  2. Kharikua CNI Church
  3. Karanjakua CNI Church
  4. Talimora CNI Church
  5. Vijaypur CNI Church
  6. Gundriguda CNI Church
  7. Ludupanka CNI Church
  8. Judipathar CNI Church
  9. Buladapanka CNI Church
  10. Samakunda CNI Church
  11. Marama CNI Church
  12. Kaithapada CNI Church
  13. Dimbiripankala CNI Church
  14. Bahadapada CNI Church
  15. Kendupada CNI Church
  16. Deulakhani CNI Church
  17. Mallipadar CNI Church
  18. Dangarigaon CNI Church
  19. Badheipur CNI Church
  20. Daliamba CNI Church
  21. Sancharaguda CNI Church
  22. Damajuli CNI Church
  23. Jhampuri Amba CNI Church

(5) Karuma Pastorate (Independent Pastorate)

(6) Turanipani Pastorate (Independent Pastorate)

(7) Sadhu Sundar Pastorate, Ladruma (Independent Pastorate)

(8) Betlanga Pastorate (Independent Pastorate)